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Introduction To Belgravia Villas

Belgravia Villas in Ang Mo Kio Singapore is a rare investment grade cluster homes project to be launched this year. This new landed property is located within the mature estate of Ang Mo Kio in District 20. Belgravia Villas offers a cluster housing concept different from what conventional condominiums offer. Hidden among the Seletar landed housing estate, Belgravia Villas occupies a plot of land more than 200,000 square feet along Stratton Walk with easy access to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. This latest cluster home project in Singapore will consist of 100 units of terrace houses and 18 units of semi-detached houses. Belgravia Villas will also be well equipped with facilities to forge community bond, these include clubhouse, swimming and lap pool and other sports infrastructure.


What You Should Know About Singapore Cluster Homes

Cluster homes” refer to landed property units that have the same design and built together in a cluster, often sharing a common gated area. There are common facilities to be shared between the residents which include swimming pool, tennis courts, playground and bbq pits. Basically, cluster homes combine the private landed space of landed homes in Singapore and the facilities often enjoyed by condo owners. It offers the best of types of private housing in a category of its own called cluster housing.

Cluster housing projects used to be common in Singapore and located outside core central areas such as Sembawang, Yio Chu Kang, and Serangoon. However, after 2009 when the government enforced a cap on the number of units to be built within a plot of land, there are fewer cluster homes being built. This is because it makes more economic sense for the developers to build more units to maximize the use of the land. Instead of building cluster homes, developers choose to build low rise apartments.

Do I Actually Own The Land Title

Cluster housing is classified under the strata-titled scheme which means the land is shared by all owners and individual units could not be torn down and rebuilt.

Analysis Of Belgravia Villas

After the government ruling to limit units built on a piece of land, developers have either choose to build lower but more apartments or building bungalows which fetch better value. There are very few cluster homes being launched with terrace houses and semi-detached homes available for selection. Hence, this is a good opportunity for home buyers caught between the two options to buy the units on offer.

This kind of housing concept is well-received by large families for the space and investors for the decent rental yields. And considering that the supply for such housing is low, buyers can expect the price to appreciate in the future. Whats more, Belgravia Villas is a freehold property meaning owners are not restricted by 99 years lease common in most other property projects. This is a benefit for owners who wish to sell on the property at a higher price. The fact that Belgravia Villas is also situated in the mature estate of Ang Mo Kio Singapore, there is a complete set of public amenities available at your doorstep.

About Developer

Belgravia Villas will be built by Fairview Developments Pte Ltd, a ¬†unit of Tong Eng Brothers, a recognized and trusted developer in Singapore for the past 50 years. Tong Eng Brothers ¬†specializes in building boutique homes which are more family oriented. Its recent projects include Tropika East, Three Balmoral and Poet’s Villa, all highly appealing properties for families. Tong Eng Brothers credentials came from the development of housing enclaves. By building housing enclaves, Tong Eng is being true to its roots of forging family and community bonds through shared communal amenities.

For more details, you can visit our Project information and Belgravia Villas Floor Plans page.


Belgravia Villas

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